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Full Protocol Professional OBD-II Car Code Reader (CAN, PWM, VPW, KPW, ISO9141)

Price: 70.35
Retail Price: 79.59

Hand Held VAG Diagnostics Code Scanner with LCD Display

Price: 52.61
Retail Price: 59.52

USB VAG Commander 5.1 OBDII Diagnostic Cable (VW and Audi)

Price: 26.31
Retail Price: 29.76

Easy-Use EOBD OBD-II Car Diagnostics Tool and Trouble Code Reader

Price: 33.82
Retail Price: 38.27

Super VAG Diagnostics Code Scanner + Programming (K + CAN)

Price: 99.58
Retail Price: 112.67

Car OBD-II Diagnostics Tool - Multi-Function Information Display

Price: 96.58
Retail Price: 109.27

TurboGauge VI 4-in-1 Vehicle Computer with Digital Gauges, Scan Tool and Car Black Box (for OBDII/EOBD Compliant Vehicles)

Price: 99.02
Retail Price: 112.03

OBD2 Diagnostic Car Data Recorder with Alarm Function

Price: 44.91
Retail Price: 50.81

ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB to VAG-COM Fault Code Cable

Price: 18.79
Retail Price: 21.26

OBDMate Full Protocol Professional OBD-II Car Code Reader (CAN, PWM, VPW, KPW, ISO9141)

Price: 84.55
Retail Price: 95.66

WiFi OBD-II Car Diagnostics Tool for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC Laptops

Price: 74.50
Retail Price: 84.29

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All of the products are brand new, top quality electronics: absolutely no closeouts, used electronics, or counterfeits. We offer you a wide-selection of consumer lectronic products - all carefully selected with quality in mind, and quality controlled in our warehouse. This is your best opportunity to directly and safely access the Chinese electronics market - all in one place online, without the need to travel to China to find suppliers one by one. 

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Day  by day we make hundreds of international shipments. Shipping direct from China to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically takes only 4-to-6 days. Goods are sent out from our warehouse stock typically within 1 day of your order payment.

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